Rooted in the Graffiti Culture the ZONENKINDER artist duo is known for their poetic urban artworks and the Tree Project: ephemere in nature and urban space or permanent studio-based. They established an awarded link between Environmental Art and contemporary Urban Art with a passion for colors and shapes inspired by indigenous art and the beauty of the natural environment. Urban landscapes as well as the natural environment becomes an infinite universe for their artistic expressions: modifying and reinterpreting spaces they blend their different styles into a collage of the ZONENKINDER world. Beside their wallpaintingsand the in situ works in nature, the duo create mainly carved and handpainted wooden sculptures. The artists are creative around the globe creating graffiti murals, show their artworks in galleries or on festival sites, do live painting performances, give lectures and Spraycan Art workshops e.g. in France, China, India or the U.S. where they exhibited in several places for instance at the M.I.A.M. – Musée International des Arts Modestes, Séte (France), or at the Gogol-Festival Kiev (Ukraine) invited by the German and French Embassy. In 2012 they received the ARTAQ Award Paris for their outstanding contributions to the evolution of the Urban Arts movement. During their studies they did researches about the history of Graffiti and the development of nowadays contemporary Urban Arts and published the graduate thesis on this topic. The duo live and work together in their studio in a self-organized creative community in Germany.