The Krank

The Krank (Greece, 1988) is a Berlin-based urban artist focusing on typography and abstract expressionism.

He has a distinct and strong Berliner aesthetic portraying deep messages which take over space by creating a unique and dynamic art installation both indoors and outdoors. The Krank hides stories and messages in his works that speak about his worldview. “My stories are written in a very deep visual language that reflects the impact of contemporary life in human psychology and in the society.”

His ideology revolves around conscience and humanity. Through his projects, he tries to develop an ethical state within the complex structure of modern life, aiming at a deeper understanding of the substantive. It is his duty to capture the most sincere interpretation of the world by opening up a dialogue for alternative visions.

Zu seinem Werk:

Aus der Luft gibt der Amazonas Regenwald ein trauriges Bild ab. Feuerwände fressen sich durch riesige Waldflächen. Übrig bleiben schwarze Baumstümpfe, schwarze Asche und verbrannte Erde. In seinem Raum inszeniert The Krank diese traurige Welt und regt mit seinem Werk zum nachdenken an.