Sam Crew

In 2005 moved to Berlin and SAM quickly found his place in the „urban art scene“ with the power of his characters.

His work is a fantastic mirror of the overdressed world around hin and so he is treading in hidden messages the strange habbits of society, the trifle of most „V.I.Ps“, the hustle in the graffiti-game, the zombie of pop-culture or simply the ghost of love.“

In the past 10 years SAM grew continually, developed and kept on reaching higher levels of different expressions. A couple of years ago, three of the contemporary nine members changed their direction of painting into a moreillustrative-grafical one and spontaneously transitioned into the urban-art-movenent“. Since then they have reached bigger audiences and have had the pleasure to show their artwork on an international level, including exibitions in Zürich, Milan, Paris, Lisboa, Perm and Cape Town.