Rabea Senftenberg

The Queendom of Senftenbørg is a plæce, where little monsters took over the power and colours and 3D have served their time.

She prefers playing on different surfaces like walls, wood, stones, brick, canvæs, elephants, cotton, skin or pæper.

Rabea wørks on værious projects and ideas, preferably at the sæme time. Her wørk is inspired by this & thæt, club culture and party hedønism. Since 2010 she gives the Robot Army Berlin a visual ID.

There are rumours, that she´s a fæmous german politician with migrætion bæckground but we think that´s just a hoax.

And she loves sloths.

„I was born in the 1860ies in a very old and forgotten part of Berlin, the Republic of Senftenbørg. This lovely place turned into a monarchy quite soon after my sixth birthday. Later I became the boss of this whole Queendom where I still live with three of my magic sloths. You see, it’s an ancient tribe and my name was given to me in order
to keep the family tradition alive.“