Matthias Gephart/Disturbanity

Disturbanity Graphics is Matthias Gephart‘s illustration lab and graphic-design studio, found in 2003. Rooted in the Ruhr area and based in Berlin since 2007, Disturbanity is known for unusual freelance artwork as well as for graphic activism, if handmade or digital. The Disturbanity monograph RARE SHOTS ON PLANET X, a trip through 416 pages of works from 1988 to 2015, was released by highly-reputed art book publisher Verlag Kettler and awarded by New York’s art & design journal Creative Quarterly. Other pieces coming from the Disturbanity studio have been awarded by Red Dot Design, 100 beste Plakate, Deutscher Designer Club and Art Directors Club Germany. Contemporary Art Magazine Hi-Fructose introduced the world of Disturbanity to their readers with a showcase from the Magic Moments walldrawing series, which can also be found in the book – and recently VICE Magazine chose the title of Matthias Gephart’s band Radio Schizo as their cover of the month.

Stylewise, Gephart‘s graphic world is rooted in the underground/alternative music scene, in Graffiti writing, Dadaist collage and noir photography. Under the flag of Disturbanity, space and time are being filled with works in the fields of magazine editorial design, music-related packaging and logos, book illustration, board design and poster graphics. Incorporating high quality imagery from beyond the mainstream with an extraordinary type look is understood as a mission here.