Actually, we just meet on the street. Quite random and sometimes our encounters are just short, but they can also last longer. Depending on how long you want to stay.

You don’t know me and we do not talk with each other. I don’t speak a word and talk to you with images. Like a cartoon strip without speech bubbles. The way you intepret the meaning of my images is upon your initiative and inspiration. This is part of the game – you are part of the image.

I am doing this since 1994 and since 2003 my name is Lacuna. When you hear this name, you might think of a beautiful laguna with palms, fine sand and a crystal-clear ocean. We are lying in a hammock and drink cocktails or out of coconuts. This is my soul.
But a lacuna is also a gap, a missing part in an old book, when fire or decay have etched a hole into the pages. But censorship also produces lacunae, when obnoxious lines have been removed from a text.

I am existing within these gaps and fill them with new life. With the beauty of life or the beauty of nature and the phantasies of my dreams. As well as the tough and ruthless reality, that has been told by others. I show what was ment to be banned or censored.
As an artist, I live in a gap of society through street art and graffiti. You can find me at many places of the city, but I always stay anonymous. You can only see my artistic gifts for you.