Inzing, Österreich

hnrx, is not street-art or typical type of graffiti.

I would call myself more of an artist who is often painting in public spaces as on paper or something else.

I like the material concrete, the kinds of errors and unevenness in a wall. The background of my pictures mostly is not perfect, so I have to make the best out of it. That makes each picture individual and gives it character. It feels „alive.“ —This is Urban Art.

That’s the reason why I am never painting on canvas, only on carton or some other material. Because with all its uneveness this makes it nearly the same as a wall. And each carton has it’s own story.

I started painting with cans and acrylics around 2012. But I am still in love with art since I was born.
Focussing on things, let´s say objects we use everyday and mostly don´t care about makes me fun. I wanna give them a platform. To put them in a surreal way together and transfer them big on the walls of the streets. This is my passion, and what I do everyday…

Welcome in the world of everyday objects.

My art is not about any political statement or about what happens around the world. I want to transfer my pictures with just fun, joy, and love.

Because the world is beautiful!