DJ RePhil

(Techno & Psychedelic Trance)

DJ RePhil is the moniker of Philipp Achard. The name RePhil is a fusion of his name, Phil , and the prefix re- meaning again or more of . Together they form a word identical to Refill – and this describes exactly his intention: refilling or perhaps better, recharging everybody with positive energy by serving us what we all deserve: good music and uplifting vibes.

Whilst for some „good music“ is a matter of taste, to RePhil it is not. Instead, it is a matter of meaningful compositions and intelligent productions. At this present time, he mainly plays two genres of Electronic Dance Music: Psychedelic Trance (including Full-On and Progressive ) and Techno (including various sub-genres such as Tech House , Deep House and contemporary, modern melodic Techno).

Philipp was born in Berlin in 1997 and grew up in Templin, a town in Brandenburg, where his passion for music was born. At the early age of 16 he discovered deejaying and a short time later he already played his first gigs at local clubs and got involved in organising open air parties. When he finished school, his thirst for new inspiration logically meant moving back to Berlin where he had to find out that no one had been waiting for him and that success involves hard work and dedication at all times – this was only one lesson among the many he was taught by his mentor Enantion , who, finally in 2017, appointed RePhil to be Resident DJ at his Berlin based party „Psychedelic Theatre“. Since then, RePhil has regularly been playing at the Psy-Theatre events, but is also well booked in Berlin. Other notable Berlin bookings so far include the clubs Magdalena, Humboldthain, Kosmonaut/Polygon and Mensch Meier; other major promoter labels have included Space Vibration, Out of Mind, Interferenz and Ostfunk.


Kollektiv: Waytowonderlandcrew