Antiquis Anima

(Drum’n’Bass, Progressive Psytrance, Techno)

Antiquis Anima is a Projekt of the, 1996 born, Marco Sievert. He is Dj/Organiser of „Ab Zum Rave“ and „Lost in Nature“, Dj of „Sub Nature“ and played nearly in every Psytrance club in Berlin.

He is very interested in music since he is a child. He often went to theaters and Music Events. Since he is 8 he plays the piano. 4 Years later, he started to listen to all kinds of electronic music (especially DnB and Dubstep). With 18 he joined the world of digital Dj-ing and 1,5 years later he started playing with vinyl.

2015 he started with his first Projekt „Antiquis Anima“.

Momentum is his second one from 2017.


Kollektiv: Waytowonderlandcrew